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× Reena Esmail’s This Love Between Us explores Eastern and Western musical soundscapes, even as it focusses our attention on a truth of many of the worlds’ religious traditions. Though it is not an easy path, there is still more that unites us, than divides us.

Barbara Croall’s Giishkaapkag (Where the Rock is Cut Through) responds to a recurring tragedy befalling women and girls in Indigenous communities of this country, but also of those around the world. Her powerful elegiac text and music hears their missing voices in the rocks, believed to be the oldest beings of the earth, and is transmitted through the haunting traditional cedar flute, the pipigwan, the voices of the choir and percussion.

Performance Notes

This CD includes two movements performed by The Elora Singers and Reena Esmail - This Love Between Us & Barbara Croall - Giishkaapkag (Where the Rock is Cut Through).

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